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If you are a financial astrologer or know of any additional websites in the field of economic or business astrology, please do not hesitate to contact me at

AstroCycle Research -
Useful articles and charts for stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies

AstroEcon Financial Astrology -
Astrological stock market timing for traders and investors by Robert Hitt

Bill Meridian Cycles Research -
Forecasting mundane events and markets with cycles for over 40 years

Crawford Perspectives -
Financial market advisory service using technical analysis and planetary cycles research

Financial Astrology -
The financial astrology entry on Wikipedia needs work...

Financial Universe -
London based financial astrologer and author Christeen Skinner

Merriman Market Analyst -
Research and commentary on cycles, geocosmic signatures, and trend analysis

The Astrologers Fund Inc -
New York City based financial astrologer Henry Weingarten author of Investing by the Stars

Trading Tutor -
Larry Pesavento author of several financial astrology books such as Astro Cycles

List of books on financial astrology from Google Books

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